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Welcome to the IBCT MENA Certified Trainers Directory – The gateway to a world of opportunity!

At IBCT, we believe that competency is a catalyst for change and growth. Our inspiring community of Certified Trainers represents a league of extraordinary educators and HRD consultants who are dedicated to igniting the spark of potential in individuals and organizations alike.

This dynamic directory serves as a beacon of inspiration, connecting you with the best-in-class professionals who have undergone rigorous training and achieved excellence across three distinct levels: Associate Trainer, Certified Professional Trainer, and the esteemed Certified Trainer and HRD Consultant.

Whether you’re an organization seeking transformative learning solutions or an individual on a quest for personal and professional development, our directory is designed to help you find the perfect match. Each certified trainer listed here brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and innovation, empowering you to embrace a world of opportunities.

Join us in this journey of continuous learning and exploration, where the pursuit of greatness is unyielding, and the path to success is paved with knowledge. Discover your true potential and let our certified trainers lead the way to a brighter future.

Step into the IBCT Certified Trainers Directory and unlock the doors to unparalleled growth, achievement, and transformation. Together, we’ll shape a world where excellence knows no bounds.


Associate Trainers

Hire our Associate Trainers to build the foundation for effective learning solutions, fostering a culture of continuous development within your organization.


Certified Professional Trainers Directory

Hire our Certified Professional Trainers to drive performance and success through expert training, equipping your teams with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.


Certifed Trainers & HRD Consultants

Hire our Certified Trainers and HRD Consultants to unlock potential, maximizing organizational growth through transformative learning strategies and tailored HR solutions.

Recently Certified Trainers

In this dynamic section, we proudly showcase the newest members of our distinguished community. Equipped with the latest expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment, these certified trainers are poised to propel organizations toward unprecedented growth. Explore their profiles and discover how they’ll champion positive change, driving success and transformation within their respective domains.

Associate Professor


Radiologist and Medical Account Manager


Manager of Entities' Establishment


Administration Manager






Assistant Professor


Teaching Assistant


How Our Certified Trainers Directory Can Benefit You

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

The directory website offers potential customers a vast and diverse talent pool of certified trainers. Customers can explore profiles of trainers with varying expertise, experience, and specializations, enabling them to find the perfect fit for their specific training needs.

Verified Certifications and Qualifications

All trainers listed on the website have earned their certifications from IBCT, a reputable and recognized institution. Customers can trust that the trainers they hire possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to deliver high-quality training.

Streamlined Search and Filter Options

The website provides user-friendly search and filtering options, making it easy for potential customers to narrow down their search based on location, certification level, training topics, and more. This efficiency saves time and ensures a better match for their requirements.

Client Reviews and Ratings

The directory features client reviews and ratings for each trainer, offering valuable insights into their past performance and effectiveness. This feedback helps potential customers make well-informed decisions when selecting a trainer.

Customizable Training Solutions

 Customers can directly connect with trainers through the website to discuss their specific training needs. This opens the opportunity for tailor-made training solutions that align with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Guaranteed Quality and Standards

IBCT’s rigorous certification process ensures that all listed trainers adhere to high-quality training standards. Customers can expect consistent excellence in training delivery from any certified trainer they hire.

Continued Support and Assistance

The website may offer customer support to assist potential customers in finding the right trainers and addressing any queries they might have during the hiring process.

Recently Re-certifiedTrainers

This dedicated section celebrates the continued commitment of our esteemed professionals. These recently re-certified trainers have reaffirmed their dedication to excellence by successfully completing the re-certification process. Explore their stories and accomplishments, showcasing how their ongoing growth and expertise will fuel lasting positive impacts within their organizations.



Teaching Assistant




Administrative Development Specialist


Senior Trainer


OD Senior Manager


Clinical Instructor